PCI opengl card question

I have an old dell dimension 3000 that I do not want to get rid of as it works fine, but to play android games on bluestacks I need (correct me if i’m wrong) Opengl 2.1 minimum to run bluestacks.

Are there any PCI Graphics cards available with support up to (or beyond) opengl 2.1?

Wikipedia is your friend.

Nvidia has support for OpenGL 2.1 since the GeForce 7 series. And ATI supports OpenGL 3.3 since the Radeon HD 2000.

So just take a look at ebay or your favorite substitute and you can find a lot of PCI cards for very cheap that support 2.1 or higher.

I’ve found that the Dell Dimension 3000 used an Intel Extreme Graphics 2, which according with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_graphics_processing_units it only supports OpenGL 1.3