PCI graphic card

Does anyone knowns what would be a good PCI 3d card (not voodoo, they´re too much expensive for PCI cards). I have an old computer without AGP slot and I need to buy a new video card to it.

Go to http://www.pricewatch.com

TNT2 PCI: quite expensive for such a card. About 100$

GeForce 2MX PCI: about 150$
The best actual choice in my opinion

If your computer is too old, you may not benefit so much from today’s newer GPUs (graphics processing units) running at higher clock speeds (>150 MHz). These newer chips were designed for optimum performance with PII, PIII, PIV, Athlon, Duron, etc. and many older motherboards can’t handle the higher bandwidth these newer chips spit out.

For many older PCs, the ATI Rage128 or S3 Savage 2000 may be the best bang for your buck.


It is true that you will not get the same preformes of a newer computer with AGP but I think that anything theat has HW T&L will helpyou out a bit since your older CPU will not need to do all the matrix multplication that is done in seting up the gemorety in a 3D seen so If were you for 150$ get the Geforce2MX pci it will give you the bes performes that you can get from that computer.

Thank you for your advices. In fact i’m still deciding if I’ll wait a little longer and change the motherboard and CPU (this PC is a K6-2) or buy a PCI card. I was studing the possibility of a PCI card, because I already have a Atlhon 700 with a Viper2 that suplies my need for game performance. But the sis530 of the K6 is a &##@$%!