PC advice? Upgrading my processors

I’ve been trying to find ways to upgrade my graphics processors so it can support OpenGL 3.3 and above for blender and minecraft. I use an hp desktop pc running on windows 10 with an Intel(R) Core™ i5-2400 CPU processor and Intel HD graphics. Currently as of right now I can’t remember how to access the windows that shows me more details as to what the hardware in my pc is. But I’ll be more than happy to provide any necessary info that can help me find what i need.

Intel’s drivers only support OpenGL 3.1. Mesa supports 3.3, but installation on Windows isn’t particularly user-friendly. The official channels only provide source code so you’d need to look for a third-party binary distribution, and the Windows version is in the form of an alternate opengl32.dll rather than an ICD, so you need to either replace the system openg32.dll or install it in the program’s directory (which doesn’t work for all programs).

If the motherboard has a PCIe x16 slot, you can install a discrete video card with an AMD/Nvidia GPU. But given the age of the CPU, I’d assume that the motherboard is also fairly old, so you’d need to check compatibility. Also, the PSU probably doesn’t have a lot of spare capacity, so you’d be limited to a low-end card (which will still have better performance than the integrated graphics).

No they don’t; recent Intels go all the way to 4.6

For the i5-2400?

Everything I can find says 3.1 for the Intel drivers or 3.3 for Mesa.

In the taskbar Search text field, type “System Information” and run that app. A 2-paned window will pop up. Select:

  • System Summary --> Components --> Display

In the right pane, in the “Name” item, it should show you the name of the GPU you’re using for rendering in the “Value” column.

Alternatively, in the taskbar Search text field, type “Device Manager” and run that app. Then expand:

  • Display adapters

and it should show you what dedicated GPU(s), if any, are installed in your system. You can right-click on these “Display adapter” entries, and then select Properties -> Driver to get details on which driver and driver version is installed to interface with this GPU.

Whether you can install a discrete GPU in your system as an upgrade (and which) will be determined by which motherboard you have in your PC, what clearance (if any) is inside of your PC case to “fit” a discrete GPU card, and the spare wattage of your system’s power supply. I’d suggest you check the HP docs for that system. FWIW, you can find out the make/model of your motherboard in that “System Information” by looking at the BaseBoard Manufacturer, Baseboard Product, and Baseboard Version when System Summary up-top is selected.

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