PBuffers performance problem


I’m having some strange performance problems, and I wonder if anyone could help.

I’m using pbuffers and render to texture for offscreen renderíng, and then displaying the offscreen buffer “onscreen” by binding it and drawing 2 triangles, filling the viewport compleatly.
This introduces a sigificant performance loss (it pretty much halfens my framerate apposed to direct “onscreen” rendering), and I’m getting frustrated because it seems I can’t figure out anything to do about it.

I know that the context switching between the “onscreen” and offscreen contexts can be slow, but i hope not this slow…

Any ideas??

Thanx for your time

  • Freebe

Any figures?

Going from 2000fps to 1000fps isnt as bas as going from 40fps to 20fps…

I’ve tried on different machines, and got different figures and “half” is just a generalization. On my own machine (XP1800+ with a GF3) it’s in the neighborhood of 100fps to 50fps.