Pbuffer without CreateWindow?


Anyone know if it’s still neccesary to create a dummy window with gl context in it just so you can make the gl calls to create a pbuffer for rendering?

I’m only interested in pbuffer rendering and I’m running into issues with the windowing calls (I’m writing a plugin to a 3d party app and it appears to be restricting the creation of new windows)



You need to create a window with hardware-accelerated rendering context to query the extension pointers and there is no way around it. You can still try to create an invisible window and delete it immediately after you created the pbuffer.

Too bad I was hoping they would have made that easier by now. In this particular case I can create the hidden window but it won’t let me set the pixel format. The code itself is fine used it for many years in many situations. But in this particular plugin under this particular 3d party app it won’t let me SetPixelFormat (GetError reports no error but SetPixelFormat returns false) and so I can’t make the calls to create the pbuffer…

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