Pbuffer with Intel 82845G

Hi !

I use a pbuffer to create a texture at runtime.
This works fine on a Intel 82830M under Windows XP with the latest driver.

The same app won’t work with a Intel 82845G under
Windows 2000 with the same driver version.

Instead of my texture it will only draw a grey surface.

AFAIK there are no errors. Could this be a driver problem ? I wrote to Intel but I’m not sure if they will answer.

Has anybody experienced similar problems ?
Does anybody know a fix or workaround ?

My biggest problem is that I have to work on that PC and developing OpenGL stuff without seeing the result is really difficult. :frowning:


I just found an error message:

WGL Message:System Error: (31):wglCreatePbufferARB:

appears every time in Visual Studio when I try to create a pbuffer.

Google doesn’t know this message. Do you know it ?


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