PBuffer Support under Mac OS X

hello everybody, can anyone tell me how to access the pbuffer under mac os x. i can’t find a proper extension… (i’m using a geforce4 ti)

thanx in advance.

What’s a PBuffer?

If you create a second context (sharing textures, display lists, &c with your first), attach that context to a window you never show (to get acceleration), you can then texture from the second context to the first using aglSurfaceTexture() or -[NSOpenGLContext createTexture:fromView:internalFormat:]

A GLX version check using glXQueryVersion returned 1.2 which does not support PBuffers (I’m using Mac OS X 10.2.4). However, looking into glxtokens.h I noticed that GLX_VERSION_1_3 is defined (1.3 is required for PBuffers support). I’m confused. What is going on?

I was assuming that pinsky was using the standard OpenGL APIs, not X11.

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