pbuffer rendering and zbuffer

Hi all!

I’m drawing into a a pbuffer some transparent polygons, to archive the transparence i’m using a fragment shader which will discard the transparent pixels (i avoid sorting transparent polygons). This works good on the framebuffer! But if i render into a pbuffer, i will get a different result. The pixels are transparent but the discarded pixels has set the zbuffer! This is not correct! Why? Any idea?

It seems that has something to do with the float texture (the p-buffer (FLOAT_ATI extension)) i’m rendering into…

Thank you in advance
Greetings Mario

Note that the setting for glDepthMask() (and all other context state) is NOT shared between two contexts, even if you ShareLists(). ShareLists() only shares textures, display lists, and other such “objects”; not state.

If you use KIL or similar, then there should not be anything written to the color or frame buffer.

If you are saying the color is not written, but depth is, then this is a bug.