PBuffer Back Buffer

I’m using a FX Go5600 running the beta 6112 driver. I have 1.5 support to include wgl_pbuffers, wgl_make_current_read, etc.

Should I be able to render to front AND back (and aux) color buffers of the pbuffer? What is an easy way to tell? Right now I can only render and bind a texture to the WGL_FRONT_LEFT_ARB buffer when single-buffered and WGL_BACK_LEFT_ARB buffer when double-buffered, but never both. While my pbuffer is active I use a glDrawBuffer(GL_FRONT or GL_BACK) to try to select the buffer to which to draw.

When single buffered I get a run-time error when trying to release a texture from a successfully bound and rendered back buffer. When double buffered and trying to render, bind, and release, I don’t get a crash, but the texture (and the geometry it is bound to) do not display.

I am currently running a test routine to show all the pixel formats chosen by wglchoosepixelformat given my parameters. None of my pixel formats support WGL_SWAP_LAYERS_BUFFER_ARB. Is this an indicator that it can’t be done by nVidia? Hmmm… maybe an NV extension will do it?

Thanks in advance.

I second that. wglCreatePbufferARB returns NULL and an error code of ERROR_SUCCESS? That isn’t very helpful.