PBuffer & AUX texture bind question...

Im trying some experimental rendering technique and Im using PBuffr with one AUX (AUX0) buffer.

I would like to bind PBuffer’s front to tex unit 0 and PBuffer’s AUX0 to tex unit 1 at same time.

wglBindTexImage fail if I call twice even with different iBuffer param.

Is it possible to bind same pbuffer twice?


Should be possible… I use a PBuffer with 3 AUX buffers and bind all AUX buffers at same time to different texture units with no problem together with the pbuffer depth buffer (NV_depth_texture). But gess binding the color front or back buffers should also be ok.

Make sure you unbind all buffer before you use them as textures.

Im using RenderTexture class. Seems there is a bug inside related to this problem.