pbuffer, and backbuffer cant share textures??


1)set backbuffer
2)GenTextures 1-5
3)set pbuffer
4)GenTextures 1-5

WHY does GenTexture start over at 1. It should be 6-10. Can one not access the other? huh? what a mess!



I have not really worked with these, but since a pbuffer has its own context, the wglShareLists function comes to mind…

– Jeff

A correct reply took 13 minutes!!!
Thanks for your help Thaellin, it works now!!

As far as I understood, a pbuffer doesn´t require its own rendercontext. Just supply the opengl rendering context when making the device context of the pbuffer current:

wglMakeCurrent(hDC [<-pbuffers!], hRC [<-rendercontext of primary window]);

needs to have the same pixel format as the DC that was used to create the RC. This shouldn’t be a problem, but you may not want your pbuffer to have a stencil buffer etc.