PBO support on ATI?

Is PBO supported by any of the ATI GPUs? Without that, render to vertex array is impossible! What’s going on?

render to vertex array?

I have a Geforce5900FX and I use the PBO specification and NVIDIA guide for good use of VBO.

In this documentation don’t use PBO to render to vertex array directly. It uses PBO to optimize the copy to vertex array (this can be done without PBO). It’s a optimization because it is done in the 3d-card-memory.

Do you say that without PBO you cant do this optimization? There are a way to use PBO to render to vertex array directly?

Sorry, I was not really precise in my post. It’s not rendering directly into vertex array, but as you say it’s a very fast copy in videmem (render to framebuffer, then read into PBO, then interpret PBO as VBO), so I think of it as render-to-VA…
Well, you can do this without using a PBO, but it will require a copy to system memory, which makes it impractical, so I don’t call that render-to-VA anymore… Sorry for the confusion. Have to watch what I’m writing :slight_smile: