I implemented an example that exploits PBO to use one texture as vertexs’ positions(VBO). Then I render the VBO using glDrawArray. Is it possible that exists a maximum size for the VBO? I tried to read onto the VBO one texture of 4096x2048, and openGL reports an error, but if I use texture of 2048x2048 I haven’t any problem. Do someone knows any limitations for the VBO?


I dont really have answer but I have been confounded by the same problem.
At gamedev
the claim is that there is no size limit. though the evidence is to the contrary. In fact, I also use a texture as vertex positions. but my program slows down a lot after 1024x1024. I think there is no API specific limit to the amount of vertex data (the upper limit being only the memory on the graphics card) but there IS a limit on the size of a single VBO. so perhaps is you could try splitting your data up into smaller VBOs, it could remove the error.