does anyone know if ATI support now the PBO extension … I can only use nvidia card for my application because I need to use PBO to stream video to texture.


No, they don’t (checked driver until Catalyst 5.12).
I’m waiting for that feature on ATI too as currently all texture data load to the GPU is basically FSB/system memory speed bound, not limited by PCIe or AGP8. So, what do I need PCIe really for if AGP4x on an FSB800 does the same?
Furthermore, if ATI doesn’t need to convert the 3D texture format into a specific internal one (as NVidia does to prevent projection dependent performance drops), they could provide much better upload performance than NVidia does for 3D textures with PBOs.
I know that 3D texture upload is not really relevant to gaming and video processing, but I guess all the volume renderers out there would be happy (and many of them choose NVidia over ATI right now I guess).


I’ve been waiting for PBO support on ATi HW for a long time too (just search for PBO and ATI in the archives)! Hopefully someone (Humus? :wink: ) will listen to our prayers! :rolleyes: