Pbm with refresh rate !!!

I have a 85 hz refresh rate on windows xp and under direct x games. But when I start Open Gl games, it become 60 hz and i can’t change it. Can you help me ???

Theres 3 things to consider:
Nvidia Refresh Rate Fix - for nvidia cards
Voodoo Frequency Selector - for 3dfx cards
Universal fix - for any other/all cards

Nvidia d/l: http://www.planetquake.com/ztn/nvreffix/nvreffix.html

3dfx d/l: http://www.tdfc.de/english/products/voodoo_freqsel.htm

Universal d/l:
??? - im not sure where to get it, search on google if you really need it.

There, another problem solved in the realm of Micro$oft!