PasVulkan - Vulkan header for Object Pascal, supporting all Vulkan OS targets


I’ll present my PasVulkan project to you.

PasVulkan generates from the offical vk.xml one vulkan.pas file, which is working for Delphi from Version 7 and higher and for FreePascal >= 2.6.4 (but for the Android target you do need the FreePascal SVN trunk version due to the new extra for my PasVulkan project added hardfloat calling convention keyword).

PasVulkan’s generated vulkan.pas have (in contrast to other current Pascal Vulkan header projects) support for all public Vulkan-supported OS targets including Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

The PasVulkan vulkan.pas generator takes over also comments from the vk.xml file into the to generating vulkan.pas file in a PasDoc-compatible way, so that the PasVulkan’s generated vulkan.pas header have directly also a automatically generated code documentation and help.

And the PasVulkan generator itself is also buildable with Delphi from Version 7 and higher and with FreePascal >= 2.6.4, and it features a own XML parser, so that are no single-Object-Pascal-compiler-ecosystem dependencies and no another external library dependencies.

And PasVulkan will be used in some commerical software projects in near future, where I am involved with, so the guarantee for the PasVulkan maintenance is effectively more or less given.

Regards from Germany,
Benjamin Rosseaux