Password for Subversion repository of XML API Registry

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According to
> h ttp://
“All documents in the registry are available from the Khronos Subversion server using anonymous public access.”

In the Readme file ( page 4, section 2 you can read:

"However, to modify the XML database or the generator scripts for other purposes,
you’ll need to install a Subversion client and download the registry subrepository at

h ttps://"

I tried to put this URL into my subversion client (TortoiseSVN 1.8.0), but it keeps me asking for username/password. I tried lots of sensible username/password combinations, as leaving these fields empty, anonymous/email_adress etc. None is accepted.

So: what is an accepted username/password combination for checking out the registry subrepository by a subversion client anonymously?

Hmm, for me “svn checkout” works and never asks for username/password. I’m not terribly familiar with TortoiseSVN, is there perhaps a checkbox to tell it you want an anonymous checkout?

Based on your comment, carsten neumann, tried using the command line version with the same command (“svn checkout”). The server still asked for username/password.

But then I tried the following combination (I don’t know how I came to the idea to try this combination):

Username: anonymous
Password: anonymous

This combination was accepted - so: problem solved.

Perhaps it should be added to the documentation that this username/password should be used for anonymous access…

EDIT: I assume the reason why you aren’t asked for username/password is that it’s already stored on your computer.