Particle system support From collada file.

I want to introduce Particle syastem effects in my DAE file. I created a Sprayed particle effects in 3DS Max,exported in both AutoDesk Collada and open Collada formats . But both the DAE files does not contain any tags specific to PARTICLE SYSTEM.

Also,I referred few links on FCOLLADA and they say as :particle system data is added to Physiscs <force_field> tag in DAE file(as per collada spec 1.4.1).I understood that FCOLLADA supports complete Particle system but not able to conclude because I use collada Plugin2.

But I am currently not able produce a DAE file with particle system, support. Pls let me know weather Collada plugin2 supports particle System and How Do i create the same in 3DS Max and MAYA.

I use the foll:-
Collada spec 1.4.1 ;
Collada Dom 2.3.1 ;
Collada Plugin2.