Particle Engine

Im looking for a particle engine tutorial which used glut, so the NeHe tutorial isnt for me coz i think it uses something else, i forget what though. A simple particle engine source code done in glut would be acceptable as well…


I haven’t got a tutorial but you can convert NeHe tutorials as win32 API is only used to initialize the window and handling kayboard’s events … you might be able to rewrite this part with glut …


There might even be a glut conversion, there are a lot of different conversion to different OS’s and languages.

Tutorials are useful for understanding and thinking about the problems, but they are useless if you cun’n’paste them.
If you are going to write a particle engine, you should be good enough to do it after reading only theory…

PS. a particle engine uses functions like glTexCoord, glBegin, glEnd, glTranslate… no glaux/glut in them.

I never Cut And Paste Code, but having the actual code handy is very useful. Your never gonna learn to texture map if you only know the theory, you need the actual code, and thats exactly what i cant find at the moment, I havent seen ONE particle engine done using GLUT on the net. If anyone knows one please tell me.

The only difference between a particle engine in GLUT and a particle engine in Win32 API is the way you handle the window. The actual window has nothing at all to do with how a particle engine works. They are two completely different things. What you are asking for is a way to do a particle engine, and NeHe’s tutorial explains that. The theory behind particle engines is the same wether it’s GLUT or Win32 API. The first thing you should learn is how to open a window for redering. If you don’t know that, you shouldn’t dive into particles yet.

But if you really want a GLUT version, the IRIX version from NeHe’s site uses it.