Particle Engine

Hey Everyone! Does anyone know of a GOOD particle Engine tutorial for the ****ty macintosh operating system. Unfortunately, I have to learn it for the Mac OS, and so far, I have been VERY unsuccessful with that. If anyone could help in that area, it’d be great. Oh and btw, I already check NeHe’s Tutorials and they didn’t work at all…oh well

Write your own particle engine - its the best way to learn how. Do you need advice making the window code? Look into glut. Do you need help with the particle calculation math? Look into NeHe. Do you need help with the C programming? Look into a book named The C Programming Language.

Yup totally agree with 31337 on this one. GLUT will take care of making the window for the Mac OS. And in terms of particle engines, there are TONS of sites all over the place about particle systems. Most tutorial sites have something on particles.

  • Halcyon