Particle Engine Calamity!!!

Somebody HELP me! A day ago, NeHe site was down for a while and I was waiting impatiently for a while to download the particle engine demo. I downloaded the Linux source before and it worked perectly and looked really COOL, But since I was a beginner then I deleted it. Now I wan’t to learn to make a Particle engine. But to my horror, when I downloaded the source for linux again it was using SDK!!! I am very familiar with glut but I don’t even have SDK! I can’t even compile it! Somebody please either tell me I’m crazy or hallucinating, or help me somehow. Does anyone have the commented linux source for that tutorial? I REALLY need it. If it, send to:

OOPS, looks like in my rush I got slightly confused. DID NeHe ever have a particle engine tut written for GLUT or am I mixing it up with Nate’s Particle Sim? Doesn’t matter, in any case, my question is: does anyone have a particle engine tutorial for glut/Linux or a working example for glut/Linux. Or does anyone know where I can get this off the web?? I need this badly.

Most likely you had Nate’s tutorial and have now downloaded Nehe’s (since he is progging win32 tuts, I think).

Yes, but does anybody know where I can get a particle engine source code for linux/glut??

I know that NeHe’s partical engine one uses glut on the mac, as the code for GLUT is totally portable, it should just recompile in linux, you will have to make your own project files of course.