Partial transparency on tga texture map

I am have a problem with the transparency of my texture. In my program, I am mapping a background
texture(bmp), then placing icons (tga) on top of this background. The tga icon images have transparent backgrounds (RGBA), however, when they are placed on top of the background texture, what ever color is selected fills the background. Therefore, insted of the underlying texture, I am seeing the selected color. I have attempted alpha tests, glblend, popattributes, and much more. The furthest I have gotten is when I change the color to color4f(0.0,0.0,0.0,0.1) after the glblend. This gives me complete transparency of my background, however, also enables some transparency of my actual icon as well. If any one has run into this situation before, I would greatly appreciate the help.

It sounds like this is a problem with your image file. If you want an area to be completely transparent, make sure it has 0 alpha.

Use GL_REPLACE texture env instead of GL_MODULATE when you draw your icons. Unless you need GL_MODULATE, but then don’t complain about the color blending.