Parsing Error on import, can't find the problem

Hello everyone, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to develop a custom Collada exporter for Revit 2014 based on the example code from an article by “The Bulding Coder” (If I add a link it stops me from posting this >_>). The end goal for this plugin is to be able to use it with Unity3D.

In order to check my code, I’m comparing it to the export generated using the Revit to Lumion bridge. Ignoring the naming system, which to my understanding doesn’t affect the file as long as it’s constant throughout the export, the code is identical. I’ve looked though it a half dozen times and cannot find anything wrong with it, so I’m hoping to get a second pair of eyes on it. They’re both short files, only 117 lines, so the comparison doesn’t take too long, I just cannot find anything wrong with my file…

The output from my custom exporter is here: Custom Exporter.dae
The output from the Revit to Lumion bridge is here: Revit to Lumion Bridge.dae

On a related note, are there any debug tools that can search my files for errors? I’ve done a couple of searches for one but haven’t had any luck. When I try to bring it into max it just tells me that there was a parsing error, so that’s no help >_>, and Unity doesn’t even tell me there’s a problem, it just refuses to allow me to add the import to the scene.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


I used an online validator to figure out the problem. It turns out that my family names had quotation marks in them to denote inches, which was causing the parser to explode >_> After I removed those it worked just fine.


there is an invalid character in the name attribute of your geometry with the id geom-1.

Within any attribute in XML (not only in COLLADA) the " is not allowed and should be encoded as ". There are further characters that have be encoded.