parametric 3D curves

How to draw three dimensional parametric curves in such a way that we can view the 3D shape of the curve, i.e. if drawing a helix, see a helix not just a projection of it on a 2dimensional plane?

The curve is specified by three equations x(t),y(t),z(t) where t is the parameter.

I used glvertex3f, glortho, etc, but can only obtain 2D views of the curve.

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I think what you’re looking for is gluPerspective. Using glOrtho will give you orthographic projection ie no perspective.

Note that we are still stuck to 2D projection since we don’t have 3D screens. What gives the impression of the third dimension is
1/ perspective
2/ shading
3/ movement

Even with orthographic projection, if you rotate your curve, you will “see” that it is 3D.
If using perspective projection, drawing a bounding box around your curve should increase the 3D impression.