Panther 10.3.2

Does anyone know what the new drivers included in 10.3.2 supports? As far as I can tell from checking around there seems to be no new support for anything. Only new drivers, same headers and frameworks. The drivers seems to give a performance boost in my limited testing so thats all nice. Still hoping for VBO’s though…

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No new extensions as far as I can tell.

Very disappointing

The 9600 driver does not fix any of my reported bugs.

Line / polygon stipple are still broken.
Point/line/polygon antialiasing still doesn’t work.
points/lines smaller/thinner than 1px still not drawn.
VBL still easily broken.
Multiple contexts updating (e.g. dragging a window while another app animating) still grinds to a halt.

In other words, it’s still crap.

I tell a lie; the 9600 (and presumably 9800) now support GL_ARB_depth_texture, GL_ARB_shadow and GL_ARB_shadow_ambient. That would seem to be enough to take the OpenGL version to 1.4, though it’s still reported as 1.3. Anyone know whether this is a mistake, or whether there’s something holding it back?

It has everything for GL 1.4 except GL_ARB_point_parameters.

No surprise, given that AA points are completely broken.

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