Pan/Zoom Previous

I need to implement PAN/ZOOM Prevoius. I want the user to be able to back up through previous views (Like AutoCAD does ZOOM Prevoius). Pan and Zoom is implemented but I’m not sure how I should go about saving the current information prior to the next view then how do I reinstate the view on a Pan/Zoom Prevoius command. Basically I want to save the parameters of each view into an array the backup up through that array. Any ideas or examples are appreciated.

If you implement a structure that stores the current state, you can push this onto a stack before the user does anything. To go back, pop it off the stack, reset the view and redraw.


Thanks Chris. That’s what I thought I needed to do but I was not sure if there was some trick to doing this.


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Witch kind of zoom are you implementing ? Are you implementing zoom window ? If yes, how ?

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