Pain in The GlutTimerFunc?

Hey Guys,
Okay i’m having some emotional turmoil with my GlutTimerFunc. I have it in my animation function and my main so that it keeps calling itself forever. Here’s the deal, I want to nest it in a for loop like this.
for(i=1; i < 10; i++)
{glutTimerFunc(blah, 53, 1);}
so that it will go through my animation algorithm a prescribed number of times. It appears that glut does not like for loops and never animates my object. What is the best solution to run an animation function a desired number of times.
Feeling Way Too Bimbo-ey!

Za! You’re only supposed to call glutTimerFunc() once for each function you’ve set up that you want “registered” with the glut system to be called periodically.

Holy crap that was lousy and wrong reply I just made there. Please, ignore it and instead try possibly calling glutTimerFunc() at the end of your glut display function. …now where did I put my pills…