page buffer and sync

are there gl/glextension/win/wgl routines for controlling the buffer swap mode (flip or copy) and the synchronization mode (vsync or not) ?


Vsync: WGL_EXT_swap_control

flipping/blitting: you can test for the flags PFD_SWAP_COPY and PFD_SWAP_EXCHANGE in the pixelformat descriptor (assuming you use Windows). You can’t request the modes, you have to enumerate pixelformats and test for the flags. However, with WGL_ARB_pixel_format you can even request a specific mode.

That being said, the effect of choosing the one or the other is questionable. For “real” flipping to work, you have to be in fullscreen mode (the driver usually figures out itself whether you are currently in fullscreen mode, but sometimes you can “help” with registry settings).