P45 and some info please reply for new laptop

I will buy a Laptop within 2 week which may P45 chipset
so i want some information about chipset
DirectX,OpenGL Version
Memory size handleable (945 desktop board let choose from 8MB to 256MB)
Availability in Linux
Compared with other chipset in same budget

thanks in

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I assume that this translates into a G4500 or G4500HD chip. Their main difference is that the later supports accelerating HD movies, while the former doesn’t. Both use shared memory, so the amount of reported memory does not make any difference.

Make absolutely sure that the laptop does not sport a GMA 950, however, as this has absolutely terrible driver support on all platforms!

On Windows, expect something close to OpenGL 2.0 without any support for offscreen rendering (either FBOs or pbuffers). There is no support for OpenGL 3.0+. DirectX should be at version 10, but way too slow to actually take advantage of DX10 features.

On Linux, the situation is slightly better with regards to OpenGL. The drivers support FBOs and, if I remember correctly, they advertise OpenGL 2.1. Some OpenGL 3.0 features are being worked on, but a full implementation will not surface in the immediate future.

These chips should be good enough for regular desktop use, including HD movies (if you have a fast enough CPU). There have been reports of instability on Linux, but all upcoming distro releases (October) will feature significantly improved drivers.

However, Nvidia IGPs like the 9400 and Ati IGPs like the 3450 trounce Intel’s offerings in all fronts: speed, driver stability, OpenGL support… If you are planning to do any serious graphics development, avoid Intel’s IGPs at all costs.

I can’t stress that enough, intel is being very lackluster when it comes to openGL support. You would think with all the $$$ they make, they could afford to write better openGL drivers. :mad:

Stay far, far away from the IGPs that are not made from either Nvidia or ATI if you are doing any serious openGL work, unless you like seeing crashes and get headaches trying to come up with work arounds for bad drivers that intel has.

Linux and NVIDIA are my favorite Laptop combination … I suggest you check out their link: Latest driver support in Linux and Motherboard GPUs . You will want to look at the tab labeled “Supported Products”. The mobile chipsets are the ones ending in “M” if i remember correctly – GeForce 9M series and GeForce 8M series. I had a Dell laptop with a NVIDIA mobile chipset and it worked great with Linux and my GLUT/openGL/gcc C coding projects. Note, they also have BETA linux drivers for Geforce 200M series. NVIDIA may not open source their drivers but they do an excellent job of keeping their Linux drivers up to date and always high quality.