oxygen vx1- serious stability problems

Hi all! Firstly, thanks to anyone who attempts to respond to this post :-). I’m having major problems with a vx1. I get frequent lockups in every windowed OpenGL program, always in an animated view, for example while rotating an object but NOT in fcheck (for you maya users out there). It doesnt matter what program it is: a simple glut program, maya, quake and other gl games in a window but NOT in fullscreen mode. The platform is: Dell410, 2x400MHz, 384 MB RAM, Win2k + latest hotfix, dual boot w/ NT4+SP6 (lockups are far less frequent in NT4), ANY version of 3dlabs drivers. I’ve ruled out: hardware compatability problems (by physically removing or disabling devices in BIOS), low quality RAM unless Dell sent me a bad module (tried all possible combinations of 3 128MB modules), software/driver compatability (installed clean win2k on seperate partition) and lastly overheating. I’m still not completely sure if the problem is win2k, drivers, RAM, or a bad vx1. I never get a blue screen, either everything locks except the cursor or everything locks and then the cursor locks. While I was checking for bad memory I noticed that the quake3 cinematics play perfectly smooth if only one 128 module is installed and very choppy otherwise (in both NT4 and win2k). The last usable win2k driver was realeased in Feb (march driver crashes maya), Feb??? wtf! I used to love the vx1 but until I replace the Dell410 I’ll certainly never consider another 3DLabs product. In case win2k or soon-to-be-fixed drivers turns out to be the culprit (I hope): for those considering a vx1, no you don’t need a pentium III to get a speed boost from dual cpu’s, why doesnt 3dlabs make this clear?