Hi there. I’m totally new here and don’t understand the lingo. Trying to play SOF Demo. Have Elsa Erazor III on PIII. When trying to run it, get “Make sure you have the latest driver installed (GL Setup is recommended).” Tried all dxdiag tests and comes back fine, yet still can’t play. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Your card is an NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 based board.
Unless you have any extra features on that card that you need to use, like video in/out, tv out, or 3D glasses, head over to www.nvidia.com and get the latest official reference drivers, or, if you are feeling brave, try the unofficial 5.13’s from www.reactorcritical.com. They offer a nice speed boost over the previous drivers. I’ve got a similar card… Elsa Erazor III Extreme… and I’m using the 5.13’s no problem.

If there are extra features other than just 3D rendering and 2D that you need, they won’t be supported with NVIDIA’s reference drivers. Snag the latest Elsa drivers at www.elsa.com.

rhink: thanks, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.