Overlay BitPlanes Problem


When i run an opengl app residing in an SGI machine(irix6.5) via my xterm on linux(debian)…i get this error msg.

“Unable to obtain visual,trying alternate solution.Unable to obtain a LEVEL 2 overlay visual.Now will try for LEVEL 1 overlay visual…Sorry no overlay bitplanes on this system.”

I am running Xfree86 4.01 and the glx module is loaded.I have a G200 card and i am using the mga driver for it.

Could anyone help me sort this problem.

Thanks in Anticipation
Arun Nath

Ok, the unable to obtain visual means that the configuration you are trying to run is not configured on your machine. If you run xdpyinfo ( I think that is the name of it, it is one of the Mesa sample programs ) This will display all of the possible setups. Now, using overlays, I have never done this with Mesa, yet. However, you may have to allocate the first 1 or 2 bit planes in you window for the overlay. This is done when you create the window.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info witcomb.

I had tried all the visuals but none worked.
I think that the Glapp requires a front and back buffer of 32*32 bits, else it tries for the overlay.I enabled the overlay option for the g200 card but that only supports overlay for 24+8 pseudocolor mode which is not supported by the Glapp.
Where can i set the overlay option and the no of bitplanes in the Xserver and also is the no of bits in the front buffer and backbuffer configurable.
Any help is welcome.

Ahh, actually I don’t remeber. I will look in to it, I beleive that it is an option either in creating the XWindow or a GLX option. Sorry, I haven’t done that since last summer using motif.

I was going through some of the sample programs for Mesa and I found one called overly, when you run it you get a message saying overly is not supported at this time. Not sure why, this happens, but you might want to look at it. I believe it is in the samples directory.

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