Overlaping faces after exporting from 3dsmax


I am having some problems when exporting some objects from 3dsmax 2008 to the DAE format.
When we play the animation, some meshes get some of their faces overlap…
For example, i am exporting a surf board and when we compile the AR, when you look at the board from the top you can see the bottom part of it.
I notice that a “workaround” is to increase the thickness of the board so the faces are not too close, but when I do that, it doesn´t look like a surf board anymore. :frowning:

I don´t know if that have something to do with the mesh itself, or the scale of the whole thing, or whatsoever… This is the first time I am working with AR and I am still figuring out its rules for exporting from 3dsmax.

Any input would be appreciated :wink:

have you tried fiddling with the camera clipping plane in max?

I don´t believe that´s the problem because the problem is not relative to the distance of the objects to the camera. The problem, I believe, has to do with the proximity of faces.

Any other ideas?

Based on that, I was: is there a perfect scale and units setup to work with collada in max?

The only way to solve this problem is to merge the two objects so there are no two faces conflicting.
there must be a tool in max to help doing this?

I did a skateboard and everything was a single object but with many elements inside of it, like the wheels, truck and shape. After connecting the separate parts into one single mesh, it got better, but it didn´t solve the problem… and I am still getting this annoying faces getting crunched.

I´ll try to send you guys an example so you can see it better. :slight_smile: