Overlap Problems!!

I want to show Image.

When using “glBlendFunc()”, one image is well, but two or over have a problem.

There are unprepared border-line Alpha value . (please see attachment file)

This is key value. so overlap part must be white!!

if you know solve this problem, or useful information. please help me.

I cant use urls… so. please show this url.

=> cfile296.uf.daum.net/image/1521CD4150ED17DB0D91C3

When rendering with blending to get the correct result the objects must be sorted from furtherest from the camera to the nearest. Then render the furtherest first. Are you doing this?

Actually, I just use sample.

so I can’t understand and I don’t know what to do…

So Please show me some example code…I beg you.

try this

Not sure why you can’t use images. Try this:


for instance, here it is (same bbcode):

Your picture is somewhat low-res, but I’ll wager a guess this black border is where you either have partial alpha values in your texture (i.e. 0 < alpha < 1 ) OR where the GPU is generating partial alpha values due to texture filtering during sampling.

If you don’t want the latter, disable linear interpolation by setting the MIN and MAG filters to NEAREST/NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST (or just NEAREST for the latter if you don’t have MIPmaps in your texture).

Let’s see your blend function and what color and alpha values (including the color values for translucent/transparent texels) are being stored in your texture across a transition from “outside” the feature to “inside”. Also, are you using a compressed texture internal format? And (since it sounds like you’re doing chroma-key), are you modifying the texture to make the key values transparent? If so, you might be missing the texels with partial alpha. Premultiplied alpha is probably what you want, but let’s see your data first.

Thank you for comment. But I can’t solve problem…

I try set MIN and MAG to solve problems. but can’t.

Change all parameters that


So, Have you anything idea to solve this problem?

You didn’t answer most of my questions.