Output openGL rendered sequence to movie

I am looking for a way to export a rendering sequence in openGL to a movie. It seems like there must be libraries to do this but the only one I came across was:


Seems as if it will only work on a windows system (true?). I need a library that can be compiled to work on Unix or Linux, but preferrably one that is somewhat portable between the two.

Do you have to go directly to a movie? Is it acceptable to output a sequence of images to a directory, then use something like moviemaker or Quicktime Pro to make the movie? I do this all the time. I use either Quicktime Pro, ImageReady, or Premier Pro to make the movie from the image files.

This could be acceptable, It would certainly be nicer to have the option to do either but doing what you suggest is certainly a good start! How do you do it?


maybe it’s even better from the perspective of portability…

glReadPixels the frame before swapbuffers, then write it to disk as an image. For the second part either do your output by “hand” or use image library for .png output.