Outlines of a model

some time ago there was a tutorial posted on opengl.org which showed how to render the outlines of an object (I believe this was with help of the stencil buffer).
I want to project the outlines of an object onto a wall. Or only draw the outlines w/o the object.

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take a look here and look at lesson 37 (i think). it’s a tut on cel shading and object outlining is one of the features discussed.



if I remember correcltly it was either on www.flipcode.com or on www.gamedev.net . look there in the techfiles/artcicles/tutorials.

Edit: look http://www.flipcode.com/articles/article_objectoutline.shtml


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A clumsy way which I did it once was to render the object then check each pixels neghbouring ones and see if it was an edge pixel if so mark it so!