Out of memory problem

Good day everyone,

I have a strange memory limitation problem: I have GeForce GTX 580 (driver version 296.10) with 3Gb of memory, still I get a gl_out_of_memory error while using a glTexImage3D call. I’m uploading many textures of size 256x256x256 and when I reach a bound of ~600Mb of useg GPU memory, I get the gl_out_of_memory error.

I tried to run several copies of my application simultaneously and each of them use ~600Mb, so I can use all GPU memory, running several copies of the application, but not a single, wich is of course unacceptable. May be there is some limitation for the CPU memory usage, because all copies of those big textures are also stored on CPU while uploading to the GPU?

PS As one can guess, Im developing a Volume Renderer :wink:

Are you running on a 32-bit Windows operating system ?
These 32-bit OS’s have a application memory limit of 2GB even though the 32-bit Chip/OS can access 4GB RAM.
Therefore it’s quite possible that you have hit the upper limit of what is achievable on 32-bit applications.
It is theoretically possible to push this to 3GB RAM per application by using special mem alloc functions and compling your applications with special switches - but I don’t think it’s a workable solution for many developers.
Try on a 64-bit Windows OS like Win 7 and see if the same problem occurs.

Thank You, so its time to switch to Win7 and compile my application under there.

Please come back and let us know the results!

Thanks one more time :wink:
Switching to the 64-bit architecture completely solved the problem :wink:
Here is the video of the DVR of 5168 x 512x512x12bit dataset (1.88 Gb)

That’s one cool looking data set!
Nice job!