Our game project's site is now open.

Our game project’s site is now open.

It’s a 3D action/adventure game. It uses OpenGL API for rendering.

The details are in our site.

3TE Team
Cem UZUNLAR Hakan YÜKSEL http://3TE.freeservers.com

Eh, don’t understand much of it !


You might want to make the site default to the English version instead of the Turkish one

  • Tom

I changed the site’s default language to English.

Why don’t you put a demo program on the web instead of (nice) pix ?

Do you use your own File Formats / Editors ?

Demo is coming very soon.

Yahoo !

It sounds great.
I am also preparing a game… but… not as advanced as yours (in graphics) so I won’t give you the url !

When is the demo release ???

in 5-6 days