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oh, man, i’m really mad at ogl this time

ok, just using gdi, when you move a window, everything is fine, the window just appears to move. You don’t see any of the drawing (erasing/redrawing) going on, the window just seems to move, right?

well, in my ogl app, the same is not true.
I’ve just created a normal, WM_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW style window that only processes WM_PAINT messages (it doesn’t even render)

well, now there’s a nice long trail of windows every time i move it.

well, i just called DefWindowProc, figuring maybe i’s in my little WM_PAINT handler, nope, still the trail.

furthermore, by not creating a rendering context, and not making one current, the trails go away, so it’s GOT to be OGL…

any ideas anyone? i only want to make a small window that’s prolly going to move a good bit… why does it have to leave trails?

thank you for your bandwidth