OT: NVidia Effects/Cg Browser Bugs

I guess this isn’t completely off topic, because its only OpenGL Cg effects that seem to have the problem.

All the Cg samples that use glutfilt.dll crash the browser when I try to start them up. Something about an assertion failing (C Runtime error, not access violation or gpf). This happens to me in Windows XP, but not 2000. I am running it out of the same directly shared over the network, so they are the same files.

Ie delete the effects list file before changing computers because the drive letters are different. I’ve even removed all the dlls from the directory and put them back in one by one (thinking that maybe the cygwin dlls conflicted with ones already on my system). That is how I discovered that it was the ones that use glutfilt.dll which crash.

I’ve seen effects like Simple Lighting on my GeForce 256 DDR system running Win2k, but it crashes on the GeForce 3 system running Windows XP. Both systems are using the latest drivers.

I do not know where the assertion comes from, but after the assertion there is an access violation in the dll containing the effect.

If I have an NVidia programmers attention, I may as well make a couple of feature requests :slight_smile:

I would like the output window to be seperate, because its hard to read the source code, have a reasonably sized output window, and a fully expanded tree. Plus, you could maximize the output if it was seperate. Also, it would be nice if you could look at the source code to effects even if you can’t run them.

This sounds like your path to cgc.exe isn’t set correctly or you don’t have cgc.exe. Verify that cgc.exe is in the same directory as the effects browser binary then use regedit and go to this key:


and make sure the Default value of the CG_COMPILER_EXE key is set to the cgc.exe in the effectsbrowser bin directory. The default path is C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSDK\bin\cgc.exe, which will of course be different if you did not install into the default path.

The next build of the CgBrowser will automatically set the location for cgc.exe if its not already set so this problem should go away.

I’ll look into adding support for having the output in a different window.

In the future it would probably be best to post these messages on the cgshaders.org forum or email them to sdkfeedback@nvidia.com so that this forum is kept clean of OT posts

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Editing the registry is something I had not tried, although I did move cgc back into the bin directory and effects that didn’t show up after a scan showed up again.

Why would some Cg effects work just by putting Cg back into the same directory, while some others will crash?

It does seem like the likely answer however, since I installed the toolkit on the Win2k machine, but am just using it on the XP machine through a share.

I’ll check out the forums on cgshaders.org like you siad, and follow up there if I have any more problems. Thanks.