[OT] (NVIDIA/ATI/...)-SDK && comercial applications


As you know many(ok, AFAIK only 2 ) 3d graphic hardware vendors provide SDK’s for their hardware.
It interests my if in commercial software,e.g. games or CAD…, parts of this SDKS are used? I think especially about NVIDIAs glh helper library whith its extension loading part.
Or more generally spoken how strong is the collaboration between the hw vendors and the sw vendors?


I can’t think why people would use these sdk’s. They’re vendor specific. The nvidia glext.h contains no ati extensions, so it’s only useful for nvidia cards.
I think they must just be useful for hobbiests writing small demos.
nvparse is useful, though.

i only know the nvidia one and i just dislike it. its very hard to just use some small parts of it and cut out the rest as it all depends on eachother till the max. somehow. i got after a while how to get out what i want but it was somehow well… something nice to read it was. and one big thank to nvidia: they showed me that stl is existing and can be quite cool. now i can never let it go again, its so fancy…
but for the rest… no… for extensions there are opensources homemade loaders, bether support, not vendorspecific, etc…
nvparse… isn’t that called cg now?

Yeps… ATI’s SDK was a 70Mb DL iirc, ok, that’s mostly due to media, but still when you open that sucker up, you feel a sudden urge to just run back to the extension repository and Just Deal With It ™.