OT just saying sorry to whoever it was that replied to the post i deleted..

i didn’t know. please don’t hate me. i found what was causing the deformations. i had modified the radius at the front end. but forgot that i had hardcoded it in another bit of code. so i deleted the message without updating the page. really sorry. and my apologies to anyone who thinks i shouldn’t abuse the board like this. let the thrashing begin

Damon it was. sorry i wasn’t online. so the board bot sent me an email saying someone had replied afterwards. i honestly feel really bad about it.

sincerely michael

ps i’m real bad about posting and deleting. putting my foot in my mouth you could say. i have to stop that sooner than later.

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You shouldn’t abuse the board like this.

No worries. I thought you might find the answer to your question here: http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/Forum3/HTML/004129.html

thanks alot. that was rather enlightening. apreciate it.