OT: how to report a driver bug to NVidia ?

i have the problem, that my app, that i wrote produces some sort of leak in the gfx memory, and this only on systems with gfx-cards higher than TNT2-M64 !!! and now i want to report it to NVidia so they can check it, or give me a tool, so i can check for myself ! But i dont know where to do(ive already searched on the NVidia site, but it seems that they only help registered people ?!)

And I have checked my app for leaks with different tools, and i have also tested my app in SW-Mode, where on any system no errors occured !!! So i believe that this is a 99.99% fault of OpenGL/NVidia-Drivers.

But i cant see why! the only thing that can produce the error is either the command glDeleteTextures, which dont delete the texture correctly (not all allocated memory) or glTexImage2D, which allocates to much memory, like the bmp format !!!
[here the correct formula, that i use:
image_mem_usage_in_bytes= height * (widthcomponents + (widthcomponents)%4);]

and here a short description of the bug:
my app loads and displays multiple textures, not more than 2 at the same time, but it splits images greater than the supported image size into small textures(the calls to delete them is correctly present and executed!!).
now after a while (not the c++ command ) the texture isnt loaded anymore and i get a white texture object(correct for a null texture). OpenGL gives me after this the error: GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY and (i think) my app falls to SW-Mode back,
and after a while after the error occured my app stops displaying anything, but this can be a fault of my app…

is there any way to check memstate of the gfx card ? and how i report it to nVidia???

You should probably drop a line to Matt (mcraighead, his e-mail address is in his profile) to see if he can help.

What they usually ask for is a simple sample app that shows the bug. They won’t tell you “I am going to fix it now”, not even “I am going to look at it now” but only “I’ll have a look when I have some time”.

In my experience, they always manage to fix a genuine bug but it can take some time…

As for contacting nVidia if you do not have contacts like Matt or Cass, I remember there was an e-mail adress like devsupport@nvidia.com (not only for registered developpers) but it looks like they have removed the link (perhaps the address is still valid).

Hope this helps.



P.S.: I know you already said you didn’t want to do that but it is sometimes a good thing to send the sample app to other people on this board so that several persons can test/report the problem…