OT: Graphics Research

I may do an independent study in next semester to finish up my master’s. I’m interested in real-time, realistic rendering.

Do any of you knowledgeable people have topic suggestions?


I’m personally very interested in “stream processing”, see http://www.gpgpu.org.
GPUs are becoming way too powerful to use them only for graphics.
There are some interesting papers from Stanford university, also check out their Imagine Stream Processor.
Rixner also written something on Stream Processors (not just GPUs) but this is heavily technical (electronics).
I found other stuff by googling on “steam processors”

Clouds, Water, Fire …

My personal choice would be clouds, as I have yet to see a decent real time example.

There are a number of great papers out there on simulating and rendering clouds.



Originally posted by SirKnight:
[b] http://www.markmark.net/clouds/

Nice, but that method relies on everything being pre-calculated, so it is very much a static background graphic rather than a real-time cloud simulation.

I guess what I meant was that I have yet to see a solution with real-time lighting and cloud evolution that looks convincing.

You could do real-time cloud evolution with cellular automata, and you could render the light transport in real-time with the help of some form of deep shadow map.

Basically I would like to see a real-time version of this: