OT: GLmark on winNT

Has anybody tried GLmark on WinNT?
I don’t want to download 57MB and then found out it won’t run. Nope, it wasn’t listed in the requirements section but Win 2000 was there …
What gives?


if you give me the site to download it from i’ll try it out for you, as i’m going into college tomorrow and i’ve got a 2 meg conection ok

And i’ll post u tomorrow

OK, thanks Nigel!

it’s at www.opengl.org
the right bar area, somewhere at the bottom. It’s a new benchmark tool specifically made for GL and is very neat to watch too (or so I hear)!


sorry mate cant find it

The address is:

And yes, it works under NT.



It crashes on SSE instructions. How did you run it and what version?



I can run GLMark without any probs under w2k (don’t know about NT).

And this might be a stupid question; but do you actually have a p3 or better?

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Yes, I don’t know why people ask that. It’s a p3, nt 4 sp6 but that should not matter. The program should not execute SSE if a person does not have SSE!


You’re totally right, a program should not execute SSE instructions on a non-SSE capable CPU/OS…

Why don’t you send an e-mail to the creators of GLMark about this issue?

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The problem turns out to be something else. NT is not aware of SSE so it generates exceptions.
I need to install some patch available from Intel. Hope it works.