OT: GL game programmers in the Pittsburgh area...

No, I’m not offering positions (wish I could pay myself ). I am however looking for a local group to get together with and swap ideas, talk about current events/papers, …. Just an idea, let me know if your interested.


Kind of like LUG?

Would be nice but I’m not in that region. Would also be nice if Nvidia held one of their events here, but they keep avoiding me


I’m not familiar with LUG, but I was thinking of something informal. Just hit the coffee shop on the weekends, swap demos, discuss new papers, may be work on a combined demo or paper.

yes, comming up with a fresh idea in a coffee house that revolutionizes the world would be nice.

I read in the paper about the Intel science fair. 3 winners, 1 from grade 12, then 7 and whatever. 2 of the ideas were mine. I could have won 2 of the prizes!

OK, so anyone here have some revolutionary ideas on how to do realistic soft shadows with little performance hit? Ill be needing it soon.


I think its a good idea to stick with light maps. You can make your lighting calculations as intense as you want.

Just my opinion…


Pittsburgh, eh?

I’m a software developer who works in the North Oakland/Bloomfield area currently using OpenGL.

I’ve also been writing my own 3d engine on the side when I get a chance.

Drop me a line -

If the coffee shop meeting goes well, will the second meeting involve dinner and a movie?


I’d definitely show up for something like that if I lived there. Anyone else in the San Diego area?

– Zeno

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