OT font for opengl1.2.1 spec PDF

i can hardly read the opengl spec 1.2.1 pdf file, its like my computer doesnt have the required font. (all other pdf files i have no problems with) im just wondering what fonts i need and more importantly where can i get them
when i go documentinfo->fonts it saiz this document use fonts T12,T19,T21,T23 etc where can i get these. cheers zed

Required fonts are usually stuffed into the .PDF-document. So you should never have to get extra fonts to be able to view .PDF-files, thats the whole idea with them.

Try print a page out on pape and see what happens, they are usually more readable there.

I’ve noticed the borked font’s in the PDF OpenGL document’s. For some strange reason the documents are unreadable on screen, yet print O.K. I’ve also noticed this in a large number of other PDF documents. Why does this happen?

It’s probably the way the font looks like. Nothing to do about it. But then, why did they choose THAT font?

pdf files are funny. at least, that has been my experience with them. if you were to download the pdf to your harddrive and then open it up to view it, it’ll appear fine.

i’m sure anyone who has ever worked with pdf (for development purposes) would probably agree with me - pdf’s are whacked!

so to no longer abuse the opengl forum by making it an adobe pdf forum, i’ll stop here

heres a picture of what it looks like http://members.nbci.com/myBollux/openglspec.png
(note it prolly is just the font choosen) though its the only pdf file on my harddisk from the 50 or so that is illegible

In fact,I can not stand…my eays 8~(~~~

if i make a HTML vision of the unfit reading opengl pfd,do i break copy law? have i the Right to do that?

if not, I will do it.It will not be a hard job to go with,however…