OT! Control TV-OUT via NVIDIA drivers or else

Sorry for this OT, but i think some of the guys reading this group (NVIDIA or a registered developer)could help me.
I am struggling with this problem quite a while now and cannot solve it.
My problem:
I wrote an OpenGL (at least the word appears here )application wich has to display a simulated world as seen by a PAL-TV camera and output this view in a PAL-TV format via a TV-output while having an additional screen area available at my computer monitor (I need overscan for my TV-OUT and both, the monitor and the TV-OUT, available at a 50Hz frame frequency).
I know this is possible with my hardware since i bought the famous TV-TOOL software already and it can do what i need except that i need to control the settings from my own program and not from display settings or an external program.
My graphic card:
Asus V7700 Deluxe, GeForce 2GTX, TV-OUT chip Chrontel CH7007.
Tried all up to 40.41.(Win2000).
Detailed questions (NVIDIA,please):
1.)How do i access the I2C port attached to the Video Encoder Chip from your GeForce2?
I am a hardware engineer and i know how to program the CH7007 via an I2C port.
Also i know the spec’s of the CH7007.
2.)How do i force the GeForce2 to use a frame rate of 50 Hz?

Tried already:
Contact ASUS (My card supplier): No reply.
Contact NVIDIA: No reply.
Try to become a registered developer at NVIDIA: No reply.
Try to contact the developer of TV-TOOL: Reply: Buy my tool. I did and it worked but it did not solve my problem because i need to control the settings from within my own program.

Edit: Answers by EMail are also welcome

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Try to bug JB (the author of TV Tool) a bit more. I’m sure if you ask him nicely he might give out some information on how to program the TV out the way you want. He knows best how hard it is to get the required info from anyone, as he’s been struggling with it for many years now.

Originally posted by Asgard:
Try to bug JB (the author of TV Tool) a bit more.

Thank’s a lot for your reply.
I was thinking that i was the only person in the world having this problem.
As you are a Frequent Contributor and you acknowledge that this had been a problem for other people (JB) as well, it convinced me that i should try harder to solve my problem.
I am busy to prepare a very nice and polite EMail to J.B. asking him to help me (He is a german as i am)
Also, thank’s to everybody not flaming me for posting an OT.