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Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between Japanese soy sauce and that plain old stuff from the grocery store? I made a General Tso’s recipe that called for a 1/4 cup of soy, and sauce tasted TERRIBLE. All we could taste was the soy. Also, is there a difference between Rice vinegar and white vinegar??? AND, is there a difference between dry sherry and cooking sherry? My kitchen still smells like a terrible combination of soy and sherry…please help. THANK YOU!!!

try junk food

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try junk food

oh thank you…another question

Can anyone recommend me a good book? I would like to find a book, which will show me how to grow bonsais from the very beginning - step by step, preferably with pictures and detailed explanation.
If somebody knows such a book, I will be very happy. Thanks an advance.

neon68, you’ve made the list.

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neon68, you’ve made the list.

what it does mean?

in the meantime please I’m

Looking for books/reference material & formulas used to calculate R & C values to run a step motor as an A.C. synchronous motor off 120VAC.

thank you

hm… for books go to www.findmybook.com… i dont think the link does exist but you can try it there anyways…

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hm… for books go to www.findmybook.com… i dont think the link does exist but you can try it there anyways…

oh daverpermen I don’t want to take yor time again but I am currently putting together a research project looking at the issues involved in the ethics of having exclusively men-only clubs, and the formation and implementation of policies aimed at bringing about a more inclusive structure providing equal access to women. I am also looking to incorporate the concerns of meeting the needs of younger aspiring golfers and encouraging their interest in the sport. Any ideas would be welcome.


zeckensack:FO is shorter…

neon68:i dunno, can’t help you there, sorry…

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please select one of these:

Say, That’s Fairly Unusual
Seems They Found Us
Steal The Foreign Uranium
Some Technicians Fully Understand
Stop Tans From Ultraviolet
Smell That Fart, Uberboss?
Strange Things Found Underground
Sour Tofu Feels Untimely
Smart Thinkgeeks Feel United
Stop Taking Female Underwear!
Smart Tourist Find Us
Sometimes Toilets Feel Unhappy
Stalin Treated Friends Unkindly
Stupid Tyrants Fret Us
Simian Trash Fermenting Underwater
Stop Talking, Find Username
Stand Tall for Underdog
Southpark Timmy’s Fantasic, Umkay?
Senator, That’s Feingold’s Underwear!
Say, that’s Felix Unger.
Slashdot The Fighting Ubergeeks
Short, Thick-skulled, Fat, & Ugly!
Scott Takes Floggings Unwillingly
Source Takes Full Understanding
Seek The Funky Undertones
Several T1’s Failed Us
Surely The Folks Understand?
Silly Thinkgeek Flames Users!
Smash The Frog Unconscious
Sweet Talk Flatters Us
Stick To Fabulous Unix
Smelly Toe Fungus Uncovered
Sensuous Thoughts Filled Us
Shoot The Fubar Users
Still Technically Fully Unemployed
Stay Tuned For Ultimatums!
Smile, They Fear Us.
Save Those Fries, Umkay?

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> a more inclusive structure providing equal
> access to women

1 w4n+ 4xx3z 2 w0m3n !!1!