OT? 3DS normal map generator, did it ever exist?

Hey there!

I downloaded what I think was a 3d studio normal map generator some months ago.
A plugin that would generate bumpmaps from geometry.

I never tested it, and now my disk has crashed (yes, IBM)…
I cant find it anywhere on the net, tried google, altavista, etc.

Have any of you heard of such a thing, or have I only dreamed it.

/Fredrik Olsson

There’s one on ATI’s site. It’s a plugin for MAX and MAYA with source. Maybe you can use that ?

Yes, that must have been the plugin I downloaded.

I was gonna write it off as a dream, this was my last resort.
I thought it was a pretty strange dream, nice, but strange

Thank you, PH!



I didnt get ATI’s to run on my 3DS version, but this works! (only I cant see the result coz I have a GF2MX w. no pixelshaders)